Our Mission

The Denton Racing white two door JK has been through several different variations since it was purchased in 2011.  What started as a stock 2009 Rubicon has evolved in to one wild Jeep. 

We had a custom cage installed first and then replaced the stock dana 44 axles after the rear axle exploded.  It then got a set of Currie Rockjock axles a 60 for the front and a 70 for the rear.  After that the engine was fitting a RIPP supercharger after about two years I decided to see how wild of an engine I could shove inside of my JK.  After some long conversations with my friends at MAST motorsports we came up with an LSX 427 engine built to handle 1,000 hp topped it off with a Whipple 2.9 blower and a high boost pulley. 

We matched it with hand built stainless exhaust system to dual 3.5 inch outlets with Magnaflow race mufflers cleaning up the sound.  Ended up with 930 engine horsepower.

Custom stainless we backed this engine with fully built 4l80e transmission with a manual valve body.  A custom billet stall converter was match to this engine.  The cooling system was built for Denton Racing by Ron Davis and with the amount of power this jeep was making we had to design a lot of parts to work together to keep the temps down and make it easy to service this Jeep. 

It is running a Genright Off-road fuel cell with and Aeromotive fuel system designed by Denton Racing.  The engine harness is custom tailored for this specific Jeep with help from the guys over at RPM Extreme. All the factory dash systems works as if it were stock wrangler.  Denton Racing’s aim is to use this Jeep to design products, prove concepts, ideas and theories that can transfer to customer builds. 

What We've Achieved

Engine - Mast Motorsports LSX block 427 930hp

  • Mast Motorsports 285 cc heads stainless intake valves and titanium exhaust valves

  • Mast custom grind billet cam

  • Chromoly pushrods

  • Dual valve spring kit

  • Double roller timing chain

  • Callies fully forged rotating assembly

  • Mahle forged pistons

  • Whipple 2.9 supercharger

  • ID1050x injectors

  • Wegner motorsports supercharger accessory drive

  • ATI supercharger balancer

  • Mechman 240 amp alternator

  • Mast motorsports oil pan with -10an adapters

  • Stainless hand built 1-7/8 to 2 inch step headers

Transmission – Fully built billet internals 4l80e

  • Manual valve body

  • Billet multi plate stall converter

  • Denton racing oversized rear mounted trans oil cooler

Transfer Case – Atlas twin stick 2 speed

Fuel system – Aeromotive twin phantom fuel pump kit installed in Genright rear mounted fuel tank

  • Aeromotive Return style regulator

  • Aeromotive Heavy duty fuel pump wiring

  • Boost reference secondary fuel pump setup

Axles – Currie Rockjock dana 60 with aluminum outer knuckles

  • Stoptech race front brake kit

  • Currie Rockjock 70 rear axle

  • 40, spline 300m rear axle shafts

  • Wilwood four piston calipers

Cooling system - Ron Davis Denton racing spec’d radiator with high output PWM spal fan

  • Denton Racing remote mounted oil cooler with oversized setrab cooler

  • PWR aluminum intercooler with high output intercooler pump

Exhaust - hand built dual 3.5 inch stainless exhaust with dual 3.5 inch Magnaflow mufflers