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Vision X Duralux LED Work Light 6 LED

Vision X Duralux LED Work Light 6 LED

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High Performance Commercial Lighting
The Duralux Industrial Lighting Series utilizes 5 Watt LEDs for combined distance and intensity. The Duralux Series has a high light output, outshining 100 Watt halogen fixtures. While outperforming halogen, LED also outlasts at 50,000 hours. This cuts downtime and allows continuous performance.

Heavy Duty Housing
With a Die-Cast Aluminum housing, weatherproof professional-grade Deutsch Connector, and E-Mark Approval on the 4 LED Model, the Duralux Lighting Series is up to the task.

Endless Optics
The Duralux Industrial Series Lights come in 10°, 40°, and 60° options, giving you a several options when choosing a beam pattern. The 10° is a popular choice for service vehicles who need the distance, while the wider angle optics are the perfect solution for any work site.


  • Type : 5-watt
  • Duty Rating : Medium Duty
  • 30-Watt High Performance Universal LED Light, 2.5 Amp Draw @ 12V
  • 150-Watt Halogen Comparable Fixture
  • 3,168 Raw Lumens (2,218 Effective Lumens)
  • Durable die-Cast Housing
  • Includes wiring