Our Mission

The Black four door wrangler came to us from Seattle Washington. This customer wanted a very impressive motor setup, so we had our friends at Mast Motorsports build a 1000hp rated lsx long block. It has their custom heads on it with a fully forged rotating assembly.

We topped it off with a whipple 2.9 liter supercharger. The engine on mild boost made just shy of 840hp. We backed up this engine with fully built 6l90e transmission running billet internals and a billet custom stall converter. To keep everything cool we installed a Ron Davis oversized radiator running our custom fan setup with a matching engine oil cooler and remote mounted trans cooler to keep all of the components nice and cool.

We also designed a fuel system to support the large demand this motor has and still use the factory fuel tank. The suspension was an Evolution Off road Double throw down kit. Then we put a set of Currie Enterprises RockJock axles underneath to handle the increased power of the newly installed powertrain. We topped of the drivetrain with a set of ALCON brakes on the axles and set of Walker Evans forged wheels.

This is one of our most powerful JKs to date on high boost would be capable of making right under 1000 horsepower.

What We've Achieved

Engine – Mast Motorsports LSX block 427 800hp

  • Mast 285cc Ls3 heads stainless intake valves and titanium exhaust valves

  •  Mast custom grind billet cam

  •  Chromoly pushrods

  • Rocker trunnion upgrade

  • Dual valvespring kit

  • Double roller timing chain

  • Callies forged rotating assembly

  • Mahle Forged pistons

  • Whipple 2.9 supercharger

  • ID1050x injectors

  • Ati Supercharger series balancer

  • Mast Motorsports oil pan kit with windage tray and -10an oil cooler adapters

  • Mechman High output Alternator

Transmission – 6l90e 6 speed automatic

  • Billlet internals with upgraded clutch hub

  • Billet multiplate stall converter

  • Setrab  remote trans cooler

Transfer case – Atlas 4 speed twin stick case

Fuel system – In house built Aeromotive fuel system using stock fuel tank with a supporting surge tank with a boost set fuel pump

  • Aeromotive remote mounted fuel regulator

Axles – Currie Rockjock 60 VXR axles

  • Alcon brake system with slotted rotors

  • Custom Hydro boost brake system

Cooling system – Ron Davis Denton Racing Spec’d radiator with high output PWM Spal Fan

  • Denton Racing LS remote mounted oil cooler

  • PWR aluminum supercharger intercooler with high output coolant pump

Exhaust – In house built dual 3inch stainless exhaust to 3.5 inch stainless Magnaflow muffler